Why isn't the Jolly Roger listed here?

It's too easy to find bad poetry on the 'Net as it is.

The Jolly Roger is quite capable of doing his/her/its own self-promotion by posting long screeds to rec.arts.books insulting anyone who disagrees with his/her/its political and cultural views.

The last and most important reason is that the Jolly Roger is not really a reader of rec.arts.books. He/she/it posts his/her/its spam and rarely responds to the responses. More often than not, he/she/it recycles old posts. In one memorable post, the JR was taking a pleasant drive through the North Carolina countryside, while — in the real world — that state was suffering from a major hurricane. He/she/it is largely limited to faux-pirate gibberish and whiny doggerel.

Take a look at William Mathieson's argument with McGucken. The Jolly Joker was rendered speechless for a change.

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Updated: December 25, 2016